Don’t Put Off Spring Grooming

Don’t Put Off Spring Grooming

spayYour pet has many needs, and as a responsible pet owner you want to make sure that all of their needs are being met. One of the things that you really shouldn’t put off is your pet’s grooming. Many dogs need to be groomed in the springtime, and other pets may need to be groomed as well. There are several good reasons why you should not put it off any longer.

Control Shedding and Matting

Many pets will get a thicker coat in the wintertime, then shed severely when the warmer weather comes. These pets should be groomed early in the spring to minimize the shedding that is occurring in your home. Excessive shedding is uncomfortable for your pet, and it can make your home appear very dirty. It can also contribute to allergies.

Other pets do not shed in the springtime, but their fur continues to grow thicker and longer without grooming. As fur gets longer and thicker, it becomes prone to matting. Matts in your pet’s fur can cause them extreme discomfort and may lead to skin conditions. It is important that you get your long-haired pet groomed early in the spring to avoid this from happening.

Don’t Forget the Nails

You should make sure that your pets nails or claws are trimmed neatly each spring. Keeping your pet’s nails trimmed will help prevent accidental injuries while playing or bathing the pet. It is also important to keep them from injuring themselves if they become itchy.

Coping with the Heat

Pets with thick fur suffer unbearably in the heat of the summer. Getting your pet groomed and having them shaved or cut short will help keep them cool during the hottest summer months. Depending on how quickly your pet’s fur grows, you may need additional grooming appointments throughout the summer.

If your pet is in need of grooming services, contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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