Four Reasons to Neuter Your Pet Right Away

Four Reasons to Neuter Your Pet Right Away

When you get a new pet from a shelter or adoption agency, they will likely already be neutered. Yet if you adopt a pet from a responsible breeder or other location, your pet will not likely be neutered before they arrive in your home. There are some very good reasons to neuter your pet right away without waiting.

Prevent Testicular Cancer

Neutering your pet eliminates their risk of developing testicular cancer, which is one of the leading causes of death in unneutered pets.

Keep Him Home

Unneutered pets prefer to roam. They have a wanderlust, as well as wanting to go out and find females of their species in which to mate. When you neuter your pet, you keep him close to home so that he doesn’t become lost or injured.

Better Behavior

Neutering your pet will help them behave better. Unneutered cats and dogs tend to spray throughout the house to mark their territory. This behavior is eliminated with neutering. Your pet’s more aggressive tendencies will also be decreased with neutering.

Better for the Community

As a responsible pet owner, it is important that you neuter your pet for the sake of the community. When you fail to neuter your pet, you are adding to the overpopulation of cats and dogs in society.

If you are getting a pet in the near future, or if you have just gotten a pet, it is important that you get them neutered early. Don’t hesitate or put off this visit. It is also important that new pets get a full examination and required vaccinations, all of which can be handled at the same time. Contact us today for more information or to schedule your appointment.

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