Seven Oaks Pet Hospital Extends At-Cost Charity Program

Seven Oaks Pet Hospital Extends At-Cost Charity Program

summer dogWe see a lot of loving families here at Seven Oaks Pet Hospital and we know just how important your pets are to you. There is nothing quite as painful as bringing your loved one to the vet thinking you’re going for a routine check or possibly some bloodwork, or knowing your pet feels ill and hoping it is something you can manage, only to find the illness or injury involved is more substantial than you had imagined.

Every year we offer a a short-term program for our loyal families during which time we offer at-cost services to those who are having trouble affording necessary medical care for their pets. This year we found we had extra funds for this particular in-house charity and we have decided to open it up for a few additional applicants.

walking dogFrom now through December 31st, 2015, we will be offering at-cost services for clients who can’t afford the procedures or tests that their pets need. This could be something as simple as a medication or something as complex as an ultrasound or surgical procedure. Eligible clients will only be charged for the actual diagnostics and drugs used.

Eligible families will need to provide proof of income eligibility for the at-cost program. Please be prepared to provide your three most recent paystubs to our office for review.

Space in this program is limited and Seven Oaks Pet Hospital reserves the right to choose which applicants receive the spaces left in this program. We will be happy to work with families who have been putting off medical care due to expense as well as with those who come in with emergency situations. Ask for further details at the front desk and we’ll be happy to get you started.

Click here to download the application form. Please print the form out, complete with your information, and drop it off at the clinic with the necessary financial requirements.  Seven Oaks Pet Hospital, 27227 SR 56, Wesley Chapel, FL 33554. 

We will update this post when we’ve chosen our candidate(s).

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