The Most Important Vaccinations For Your Dog

The Most Important Vaccinations For Your Dog

You know that vaccinations are important for newborn babies, young children, and the elderly, but have you given enough attention to the vaccines your pet needs? From the time your dog is a puppy, he needs specific vaccinations to be protected from dangerous infections and diseases. Here’s everything you should know about the most important vaccines for your furry friend.

The Importance of Vaccinations For Your Dog

Vaccines work by placing a very small amount of a specific infectious organism into your dog’s body. It’s not dangerous, but it is powerful enough to help your dog’s immune system identify the organism and build a strong immunity against it for the future.

A group of vaccines known as the “core vaccines” protect your dog against a variety of dangerous illnesses. Many of them are even mandatory in certain counties because they protect from severe diseases that might also put humans in harm’s way.

What Are the Core Vaccines?

The vaccines that are considered “core” or non-negotiable include the following:
Rabies: required by law since humans can catch this disease from dogs. Rabies causes death by attacking the nervous system.
Canine distemper: a contagious viral disease like the measles. It spreads through a dog’s tonsils and lymph nodes.
Canine hepatitis virus: a contagious disease that causes acute liver infection
Canine parvovirus: a highly contagious virus that creates intestinal problems and lethargy

Stick to a Vaccination Schedule

The best choice as a pet owner is to bring your beloved family pet to a trusted vet and ask for advice regarding a vaccination schedule. Many vets offers discounted care plans that build all necessary vaccinations right in. By doing what’s best for your pet, you will help him live a long and happier life.

The veterinarians at Seven Oaks Pet Hospital are committed to using vaccinations to prevent dangerous diseases and preserve your dog’s health. Timely vaccinations support better veterinary care and fewer medical procedures over the years. The experts at Seven Oaks are well-educated about vaccines and the prevention of infectious diseases. Call (813) 929-4100 to schedule your dog’s appointment in Wesley Chapel, FL today.

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