The Most Important Vaccinations For Your Dog

The Most Important Vaccinations For Your Dog

Is your dog current on his vaccinations? It’s important to remember that your children aren’t the only ones who need scheduled vaccines to stay healthy. Your family pet is also vulnerable to specific diseases that vaccines are proven to prevent. By staying current with your vet and ensuring your dog receives the following core vaccines, you can protect and enhance his health for years to come.

Why Do Dogs Need to Be Vaccinated?
Just like in humans, vaccinations protect your dog from dangerous illnesses. Many vaccines are even mandatory because they protect from severe diseases that might also put humans in harm’s way. Other “non-core” vaccines are important, but are optional based upon your dog’s lifestyle and location.

Vaccines work by injecting your dog with a very small amount of an infectious organism. As your dog’s immune system identifies the organisms as foreign bodies, it begins to fight them away. This succeeds in building up a strong immunity against the organisms in the future and prevents illness.

Your vet will help you determine the best vaccination schedule for your dog based upon his age, size, breed, medical history, and overall health. Some dogs need more time than others in between vaccinations.

Don’t Wait to Schedule the Core Vaccines

Certain vaccinations are not optional for dogs:

  • Rabies, required by law because humans can catch it from dogs
  • Canine distemper, a contagious viral disease like the measles without a cure
  • Canine hepatitis, a liver infection
  • Canine parvovirus, a highly contagious and life-threatening illness

You love your furry friend like family, and scheduling his vaccinations is one of the best ways to show that love. Call (813) 929-4100 to gain the guidance of the compassionate vets at Seven Oaks Pet Hospital in Wesley Chapel, Florida and plan for your dog’s vaccinations today.

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